~ Come see us now and start your yogic journey surrounded with good vibes! Our mission is to make yoga accessible to everyone  ~  lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu 

The unlimited passes give you access to ALL the classes on the schedule for 30, 90 or 180 days!

+ if you buy a pass before your old one expires, you get  15% off on your next one!!!


First Class Free
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First week unlimited for 20$ (tx incl.)
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Regular Prices 

Unlimited month for 100$
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Unlimited 3 months for 250$
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Unlimited 6 months for 400$
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20 classes – 205$
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10 classes  – 125$
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5 classes  – 65$
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1 class for 15$
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10 YOGA MIDI –  100$ 
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Private session (1 pers.) - 85$ or 6 for 480$
Semi-private ( 2-5 people ) - from 100$
Corporate class : from 110$ (or 8 for 750$) 

***Students & 60+ get 15%off on all unlimited memberships (by showing a valid I.D.)

*** If you renew your unlimited membership before it expires you get 15% off on your next one!!!

Karma Yoga Program : we offer an exchange program,  by giving time and energy to the Shak (3-4h/week) you can get free yoga. Minimum 3 months commitment. Contact : yogashakmontreal@gmail.com

Taxes not included in the prices

All classes are drop in sessions,  you can buy your pass or pay for individual session before class. Please show up a few minutes before to allow us to start on time!