This awesome indian guy will tell you all about cosmic energy and meditation!!!

Because we are in love with them. Maha Yogi, « Dreaming in Sanskrit » from Marti Nikki & Dj Drez.

Those videos will tell you how we are all connected to each other, the meaning of OM and how WE ARE ONE ~.

Spirit Science is an amazing series covering many cool topics. These ones are about sacred geometry and the FLOWER OF LIFE ~
…if you like their style check out the one on chakras and lucid dreaming as well.

Nassim Haramein. Man of science tells you all about the secrets of the univers ; Sacred geometry and unified fiels.

Read this if you want to expand your consciousness and get some tools to look at things from higher perspectives…books

Here is a KickAss Yoga Playlist to make your practice a bit more spicy with a beautiful mix of Mantra & Reggae…  Get the  »Dreaming in Sanskrit » album online: http://store.blackswansounds.com/album/dreaming-in-sanskrit       & buy on donation the album from Montreal Reggae Band Inword, Album here : https://inword.bandcamp.com/album/purifyKickassPlaylist