Class Description


The Classes with a * are recommended for beginners. The classes without it are also open to beginners, but representing more of a challenge.

*Meditation A short session blending pranayama (breathing exercises), Asana (physical postures) and meditation. The pranayama is known to regulate the activity of the mind, the asana will make you feel at ease in your body and the meditation opens the channels to your higher Self. This complete practice will boost your energy level and will enhance self-empowerment.

*Yin Yoga Yin Yoga is a more passive style yoga in contrast to the more popular yang based Yoga practices. It is a  meditative style of yoga which focuses on releasing mental and physical stress. The body is made up of yang tissues (muscles, blood, skin …) and yin tissues (tendons, ligaments, joints, bones…). To exercise the yang tissues, you need intense repetitive movements. To exercises the yin tissues you need to apply a gentle pressure for a longer time. The yang tissues make you body strong and powerful, the yin tissues are responsible for your flexibility and range of motion. Most of us know that it is important to exercise the yang tissues, but we often forget the importance of exercising the yin tissues. Yin Yoga is an opportunity to bring awareness back to our yin body. Each posture is generally held for 3 to 5 minutes and the aim of this practice is to breath into the tensions and to release them. Yin is a beginner friendly class that will allow you to find relaxation physically, mentally and emotionally.

*Hatha « Hatha » is a sanskrit word referring  to the balance of the sun (ha) and the moon (tha). One of the main purposes of this practice is to balance the mind, body and spirit. We also find balance between steadiness and ease, strength and flexibility. In modern days, hatha yoga refers to a basic yoga class incorporating various poses in a gentle, beginner-friendly way. Hatha yoga is a great place to learn; however, intermediate and advanced practitioners can also work deeper into their postures.

YinYang  is a blend of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. The first half of the practice is a warming, challenging and dynamic, working on the strength of the muscles and the synchronisation of breath and movement. The second half is a more relaxing yin-like session focusing on deep breath, enhancing the flexibility of the connective tissues as we stay in the poses for a few minutes allowing the body to relax and open up as the mind slows down.

Vinyasa Vinyasa is a dynamic and energetic practice where each movement is linked to the breath. The pace of Vinyasa is a little faster than Hatha. It is known for its creative sequencing, offering many variations, from gentle to challenging, incorporating inversions and arm balances as options for the practitioners to challenge themselves. The purpose of Vinyasa is for internal cleansing. The combination of breath and movement heats up the body internally and makes the blood hot. Thick blood is impure and may cause diseases. The generated body heat thins the blood and therefore enhances blood circulation. Free flowing blood lubricates joints and mobilizes muscles. The heat also travels to the internal organs, flushes the toxins out of the body through sweat. The body becomes strong and healthy. This class is suitable for anyone wanting to move in a dynamic flow led by their own breath!

Ashtanga Ashtanga yoga is a dynamic form of yoga that uses a specific series of postures and movements developed by a well-known Indian yoga instructor; Pattabhi Jois. In this system, the asana are performed in a specific order which has the effect of ‘unlocking’ the body in an intelligent and scientific way, each pose preparing the body for the next one. Through these postures, with focus on the breath, we create a meditative state allowing clarity of the mind. Through mindful practice of ashtanga yoga the body benefits by developing strength and flexibility.

Midi Flow This is the opportunity to move in a fluide sequence inspired by Ashtanga (Tuesday) or Vinyasa (Thursday). It is a dynamic rhythmic session made to heat up the body, stimulate the immune system, balance the nervous system and slow down the activity of the mind.

Private Sessions // Semi-Private Sessions We have now opened a new Shala available for private or group sessions. Choose the time, the teacher and the style  that best suit you and we will work together on a custom made class to honour your needs and requests.  Contact us for more details. ~Contact here~ .

Corporate Yoga Because it was proven that yoga at work reduces stress and increases motivation and efficiency! Contact us to discuss a program that matches your needs!