Thai Massage

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*Once you reserve a treatment you should receive a confirmation email. If you do not receive this email please contact us to confirm your treatment.  info@yogashakmontreal.com || 514.383.0016

Thai Massage

When stress and anxiety seem to have invaded our lives, taking a break for our Self becomes essential. Thai Yoga Massage is a care for the Body and the Mind. At its core lies the fundamental principle of Metta ; Loving Kindness. The practice is deeply rooted in the ancient and wise science of Yoga and Ayurveda and was first practiced by the Buddha’s Sangha 500 b.c. It is adapted to any physical condition, whether you are flexible or not.  Thai Yoga Massage is received in the most relaxed state, completely effortlessly. It is a practice of mindfulness, self-love and connection. Franck’s practice is a gentle and attentive therapy allowing both Physical and Mental Relaxation. This treatment is practiced fully dressed in your own comfortable clothes. 

Thai Reflexology

Thai Reflexology is a deep relaxing, therapeutic, non-intrusive, safe and surprisingly effective treatment to receive! Did you know? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, more than 4000 reflex points end at the bottom of our feet. These points are in fact nerve endings originating from every corner of our body including our vital organs (liver, lungs, kidneys, heart, etc), our glands (adrenal, pituitary, etc), our bones and our muscles! Reflexology uses various techniques to stimulates those points in order to heal and balance our whole system, from the feet up! Thai Reflexology differs from the Indian or Chinese traditions in the way that it is more gentle and easier to receive but unquestionably as efficient! This treatment will work directly on the feet, legs, arms and hands and indirectly affecting the whole body!


 1h for 100$ ou 1h30 for 115$
 5 x 1h – 420$        (84$/session)
10 x 1h – 780$      (78$/session)
 5 x 1h30 – 465$    (93$/session)
 10 x 1h30 – 825$  (82.50$/session)

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Franck is offering 2 x 45 minutes of treatments on donation one Sunday / month!

You can save a spot now for the following dates :

  Dec. 16th  (11h / 12h) –  Jan. 13th  (11h /12h) – Feb. 10th (11h /12h) – March 10th  (11h /12h) – April 7th (11h /12h)