“Meditation is an experience that cannot be described, just as colors cannot be described to a blind person.”

There is many different techniques, many different methods and many different teachers, but the essence is always the same; meditation is about oneness. When you achieve a state of meditation, you will feel profound inner peace. When the body and the mind are completely still, it becomes possible to hear the whispers of the soul. Meditation brings guidance, clarity of mind and presence.

At the beginning, meditation is simply a way of calming the activity of the mind. If you are new to meditation, the act of meditation will gently leave you with a feeling of calm and serenity. Think about it, when is it that we are giving a complete rest to the mind and body? Even when we are sleeping, our mind is still running and our body still moving. Meditation is our time to allow our body and mind to be completely still, for our being to dis-identify from the body and mind and to bring perspective into our life.

The 3 steps of Meditation

  1. Concentration

This is a polarized experience between one object and one subject.

  1. Contemplation

Represents the union of the subject and the object, you are becoming the act itself. The ego is no more, time is no more.

  1. Meditation

The state of oneness with the whole universe, there is no more objects, no subject, no time and no thoughts. You are becoming the entire collective consciousness. Emerged in Presence.