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Dear Community,
Yoga Shak is more than happy to work on offering you more and more English Online Classes!
Thank you for supporting our teachers and feel free to encourage them if you enjoy their classes!
We love to hear from you whether it is via private messaging or public reviews!
Follow us on Facebook &Instagram to stay connected and support one another through this journey!



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Daily Schedule (Live Stream)

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Sign-up for class via Mindbody in advance

Cancel class up to 1 hour before the class time using Mindbody without charge

Receive a Zoom invitation link via e-mail 15 minutes before class

Connect to class via Zoom 5 minutes before start time

Practice in the comfort of your home while remaining actively connected to a global community

Don’t hesitate to ask your teacher questions before or after class

Get the REPLAY link shortly after class (available for 7 days!)

Write to yogashakvirtuel@gmail.com or call 514.383.0016 if you need any other assistance during class.