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Ari&Gabs sont les  co-fondateurs du Yoga Shak Montréal. Gabs est d’origine Montréalaise et Ari est né à Jérusalem. Nomades, ils parcourent le monde dans le but d’apprendre, d’étudier et de partager leur passion pour la vie. Rejoignez-les aux 4 coins du monde via Blue_Chitta pour partager la pratique du yoga et de la plongé + profiter de la vie au maximum! 



Guru = from darkness to light
Can u be your own guru?
Gab’s STORY : I left my hometown when i was 17, i was lost & depressed & couldn’t make sense out of life & the human existence…
I started my journey in Banff working in a coffee shop hoping to ride the rockies ?
Met lots of cool Aussies there so decided to get a ticket to #ByronBay & learn to surf ??‍♀️. Spent some months & way too much money so I went to work for #agalot in Melbourne. I was the only non-jew of the company, lived in the staff house with 9 crazy israelis & so I saved some money & decided to check out the so called Holly Land…

Lived in #Jerusalem for 3months, dove the red sea for the first time & floated on the dead sea feeling as high as Jesus! Visited both sides of the wall…& found amazing, kind & open hearted peeps both in ISR & Palestine. I found only LOVE in the Middle East.

Taking my new passion for scuba diving to the NEXT LEVEL I moved to famous #kohtao #thailandto do as many of us did ; my master scuba + underwater vdo courses & work in the scuba Business. I felt at home. I stayed. 4years. Most of them spent underwater. ??Things are in motion & everything changes all the time. My passion for scuba evolved into a deep attraction for freediving & a thirst for yoga. I met one of my yoga mentor on this tropical island ( Cynthia Joanne Naydani) & started to teach & share the yoga in one of the best studios of this world Ocean Sound Dive + Yoga ?
Went to India a couple times to learn that everything is possible & chaos is part of balance.

After 4 years on the ?it was time to leave & fly on my own. Ariel & I flew to the JAH LAND to open our first freediving&yoga operation in #Mozambique. We were multi-tasking as always, managing a dive shop, guiding ocean safaris, leading scubies, freediving with humpbacks, dolphins, mantas & sharks ? giving yoga classes & thai massage treatments. We just made it happen & we nailed it.

This was 3 years ago. Blue_Chitta & Yoga Shak Montréal came to life then.
Since then opportunities just kept coming up, somehow the stars aligned & we found a way to manifest our dreams into reality.

We opened a wonderful peaceful yoga oasis in Montreal Yoga Shak Montréal & even tho most peeps told us it wouldn’t work with our nomad lifestyle its now 3y, still running & shinning & spreading so much love and good vibes in the neighbourhood. Big thx to our kickass omies, yoga teachers & Shak’s community. ???

Lately Blue_Chitta has taken us on a roadtrip from Canada to Honduras ??, sharing yoga, freediving & thai massage with so many beautiful welcoming communities along the way.

I am still a nomad but I am no longer lost. Im exactly where I need to be. I stopped trying to make sense out of life, Im too busy riding it like a wave & having a hell of a time doing it!


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YOGA DROP INS : Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Meditation, Pranayama

WORKSHOPS : ACROYOGA // Inversions&Arm Balances // UnderwaterYoga// Thai Massage // much more… 

FREEDIVING Courses & Training (Apnea Total Certification)

Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC 200hrs)

Pour en connaître davantage sur leur programme de Freediving & Yoga ainsi que leur itinéraire ; FB/@BLUE_CHITTA // IG   //gabsyogashak@gmail.com