The Team

Meet our Yogic Team!




Practice yoga , let every asana be the sunshine that flabbergast your soul weather you’re in New Delhi or in Montreal. Practice yoga while politicians are screaming, cars are honking and scientist are freaking out, everyone pushing to assert his own truth. Practice.
Ignorance is a noise. Yoga teaches in silence. Silence. On your mat, you experience how your own mind influences each and every experience life brings to you. Can you smile in discomfort? Can you relax while making efforts? Can you love yourself even if you are not perfect? Practice yoga and you start to discover what state of mind makes your life the most enjoyable. Practice yoga .
Om Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu.

Manue is studying psychology at UQAM University where she explores the potential unification of Western and Eastern sciences. When she was 17,  Manue went to Thailand to meet up with her sister, that’s how she discovered yoga. She was then a little sceptical about this new fashion but she slowly fell in love with this lifestyle that brought her many psychological and physical benefits. When she came back to Montreal, she practiced in different studios, and then she started an intensive program at Ashram Sivananda Quebec. At 20 years old, she decided to go to India to start Yoga Teacher Training, one in Dharamshala with Mahi ( 200 hours) and the other one in Mysore with Chidananda ( 400 hours). Then she kept practicing and assisting yoga teacher in Turkey, Denmark and Lithuania. Even though she received precious knowledge from yogi masters all over the world, Manue always says that the one teacher from whom she learned the most is her sister Gabs.



Mélanie Mucciarone 

« You understand others to the exact degree that you really understand yourself. Work for more self-knowledge. »

 Melanie will provide all students a safe and warm environment so that they may discover their own inner Truth.



Selena Isles (DJseriousblack)

My journey through yoga began at 17, post an injury at the Canada Games, under the teachings of Yogananda. While injured I read The Autobiography of a Yogi which led me to discover my mother’s copies of Light on Yoga; Yoga the Iyengar Way and the finding a poster of Dharma Mittra’s 608 Asanas. I spent the whole rest of the summer down in my parents basement reading and trying to wrap my 17 year old mind around the practice and the concepts. I was drawn to their way of exacting simplicity and finding joy in the rise and fall of life. Believe me, I felt like my life was falling apart as my athletic career was over it was also at this time I started to meditate; I learned an important lesson in those few months of recovery in the basement that continue in my practice and teaching today. (more about selena)

Selena is a single mom, a Dj & a yogi for more than 15 years. She will guide you through an easy going flow on great yogic beats.




For me, yoga is the discipline of body and mind. It is a way to achieve my goals through transcendence. It is to be found in an ocean where one is lost like a wave.

Mahault is a yoga teacher and sexologist educator. During her youth, she traveled through South-West Asia and developed a strong interest in different Eastern cultures and their philosophies. In 2014, Mahault got her Sivananda TTC200. She also completed a TTC 250 in St-Martin in 2016, and a TTC 200 in aerial yoga in 2017. She will both bring peace and exercise to your daily life. She combines the different aspects of her training in movement, meditation, counseling and body awareness. Mahault will guide you through creative and fun flows. 



Annie-Claude Navert (Annie)

Our deepest needs and desires resides in the center of ourself. Lets take a dive, in silence, to
find the endless creative potential of our self, one breath at the time.

A musician, a trained jazz singer, songwriter and a certified yoga teacher since 2014, Annie-Claude started her journey with Hervé Blondon at Satyam school. In 2016 she goes to India on an initiatory journey for 7
months where she pursues her spiritual quest. Guided by Bharath Shetty, she undertakes an
Ashtanga training  in Mysore and a classic yoga training at The
Yoga Institute in Mumbai. Now she is back, full of fresh energy,
dedicated to teaching for the pleasure of sharing this endless source of knowledge
and energy that emerges from within through the practice of yoga.



An Hendrickx

It was during one of her numerous travels that An encountered Sivananda Yoga.  In Guatemala she discovered her love for sharing this passion with others while teaching improvised classes to children in the shantytowns.  She traveled to India to deepen her knowledge of the practice with Yogacharya Venkatesh and Maty Ezraty ao.  There she studies Ashtanga Yoga allowing her to develop strength on top of flexibility therefore balancing out her body and mind. Back in Montréal, An is practicing daily with Darby and teaching at the Shak!



Yoga is all about awareness in movement! Starting from the body toward the mind, the yogi explores the present moment with a self-awareness approach. After that, yoga becomes a global art and science, by considering the fundamental needs of wellbeing and health in the longest term. The practice is so consistent and coherent that we can do it all our life. Therefore it’s not only about bodyworks but most importantly concentration, breathing contro, mental health, finding meaning, personal and spiritual evolution, etc. Yoga is in fact a powerful tool for transformation in all of our Being.

Shaktis’ Shiva, activist in his soul, Christian is living values of engagement throughout is life : student movement, ecology, collective mobilisation and now yoga. Today, he is a wellbeing activist! Trained in the Satyam Hatha yoga school in montreal, the yogacharya Hervé Blondon taught him the Iyengar approach that is so precise and coherent. Christian has now more than 450 hours of yoga trainings. Another important practice for him is mindfulness meditation, that complete his yoga practice so well.


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Ari @Blue_Chitta

Yoga for me is a tool in our toolbox, an instrument for a mental, physical and emotional release. By creating space in our body and mind we are inviting a change into our life, a change in our habits and patterns of behaviour  From reacting out of habit, out of emotion, we start bringing the light of awareness into our world. By observing all that arises in the practice, we are reaching for an eternal equilibrium, the zero point, where all forces become neutral, reaching a point of perfect balance and a quiet mind. Hari Om.

Ari is teaching Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga as well as AcroBalance&Thai Massage. He is also a competitive freediver & an Apnea Total  freediving instructor. He is currently moving between Mexico, Roatan & Israel, teaching yoga and freediving, 2 disciplines that have a lot in common. Join him on your next yoga trip @Blue_Chitta




Gabrielle GQ @Blue_Chitta

Yoga & Freediving have so much in common. I am addicted to those 2 disciplines because they allow me to dive within, to be present in this very moment, to find balance & to let go of all the garbage. They are also a reminder that everything is possible, we have been condition to follow certain guidelines, to believe in the so called reality, when really we make our own reality, we set our own limits. Mind over Matter. Everything is possible. 

Through yoga I get to know myself and through myself I get to know to whole universe. AUM.

CO-founder of the Yoga Shak, Gabs is teaching Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, AcroYoga & Freediving. She studied a very traditional practice mostly in India and Thailand. For the past 7 years, Gabs has been traveling the world sharing, teaching and studying yoga. She is now traveling between Mexico, Roatan, Israel & Montreal, offering Yoga & Freediving Courses & Retreats via @Blue_Chitta