Eco-Lodge Dorms & Tent

Eco-Lodge Dorms & Tent

We took our time to find the best possible place to host this retreat, we were looking for a place that works in harmony with nature, on the beach and with a spectacular yoga shala. We found it at Palmar Bocas Eco-Lodge on Bastimentos Island Panama!


1 bed in a 8 bed dorm 

Spacious and comfortable, this shared cabin has four sets of built-in bunk beds with semi-orthopedic mattresses, a ceiling fan, and a locker for each guest. Every bed also has a personal window, fan, and light. 

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Double Bed Private

Perfect for couples or solo travellers. Each tent is cheerfully decorated and has a large, lockable trunk for securing personal items. This tent size is available with either Double Bed or Two Twin Beds. All furniture is custom made using local materials. Each tent comes with a fan and lamp connected to the solar power system.Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 2.09.08 PM

Luxury Cabin also available upon request…

The Yoga Shala

The Yoga Shala is right on the beach surrounded by the the jungle. The is a few yoga mats and blocks but we recommend you bring your own props!


Living on rain water and sun light

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Solar – Centralized system with 9000 watts of solar from 36 panels that charge 24 2V batteries. This system is able
to power the tents, dorms, Jungalow, bathrooms, and lodge for multiple days with limited sun. We used all LED
lightbulbs and direct USB charging ports when possible to maximize our efficiency.
Rainwater – We collect water off of the solid rooves on our property and have over 20,000 gallons of storage
capacity. All of our sinks and toilets are set to maximum efficiency and we use timed showers so we waste as little
water as possible.
Recycling – All of our cans are collected by a local family who then sells them to be melted down. We have free, UV
filtered rainwater available for everyone to encourage people to not use plastic bottles. We donate our food scraps
to a local pig farmer to be used as feed. All paper products are burned, so they do not add to the landfill problem
on Bocas.
Local Hiring Practices – We have over 20 Panamanian employees that work for us. We try to hire from Bastimentos
if possible, and have many employees that are from the local village of Bahia Roja. We have multiple employees
that have moved up the ranks to managerial positions over the past 4 years. We also work with local carpenters and
contractors, and try to always use local hardwoods.
Food Sourcing – We source some of our produce from an organic farm in Boquete and always buy fish from local
fisherman in Bastimentos, when it is available. We do not sell lobster and shrimp that is caught during the breeding
Straws – We do not use any plastic straws and only use paper biodegradable straws for coconuts.

We recommend you bring your own water bottle and refill to avoid using plastic bottle

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Palmar Eco Lodge also has a beautiful beachfront restaurant where they serve vegan and non-vegan meals from fesh local products all day!


Retreat’s Investment (Prices are in US $)

Jungle & Beach Dorm Bed

– Regular Price > 1400$ 

***EARLY BIRD > 1200$***

Safari Tent (1 double bed, 2 people)

Regular Price >  1550$ per person

EARLY BIRD > 1350$ per person

Safari Tent 2 double beds (for up to 4 people)

Regular Price > 1650/pers (min 2 people) 

Early Bird > 1400/ pers (min 2 people)

Safari Tent (1 double bed 1 person)

Regular Price > 2000$

EARLY BIRD > 1800$

(*Prices are in US dollars*)