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YOGA DROP INS : Vinyasa, Yin, Ashtanga, Meditation, Pranayama

WORKSHOPS : ACROYOGA // Inversions&Arm Balances // UnderwaterYoga// Thai Massage // much more… 

FREEDIVING Courses & Training (Apnea Total Certification)

Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC 200hrs)

*We are nomads, always moving, follow us on social media or contact us via email to know where to catch us next *

Ari and Gabs are the founders of @Blue_Chitta and co-founders of the Yoga Shak Montreal. Gabs is from Montréal & Ariel was born in Jerusalem. At a young age they both got the travel bug and started exploring the world, discovering nature’s beauty & connecting to various cultures & rituals. On their path they found themselves deeply attracted and drowned to the practices of yoga and apnea (freediving).  For them, freediving is a spiritual & a life changing experience. 

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Ariel Kedmi & Gabrielle GQ
Freedivers, Yogis, Explorers
~When prana moves chitta moves~






Guru = from darkness to light
Can u be your own guru?
Gab’s STORY : I left my hometown when i was 17, i was lost & depressed & couldn’t make sense out of life & the human existence…
I started my journey in Banff working in a coffee shop hoping to ride the rockies ?
Met lots of cool Aussies there so decided to get a ticket to #ByronBay & learn to surf ??‍♀️. Spent some months & way too much money so I went to work for #agalot in Melbourne. I was the only non-jew of the company, lived in the staff house with 9 crazy israelis & so I saved some money & decided to check out the so called Holly Land…

Lived in #Jerusalem for 3months, dove the red sea for the first time & floated on the dead sea feeling as high as Jesus! Visited both sides of the wall…& found amazing, kind & open hearted peeps both in ISR & Palestine. I found only LOVE in the Middle East.

Taking my new passion for scuba diving to the NEXT LEVEL I moved to famous #kohtao #thailandto do as many of us did ; my master scuba + underwater video courses & work in the scuba Business. I felt at home. I stayed. 4years. Most of them spent underwater. ??Things are in motion & everything changes all the time. My passion for scuba evolved into a deep attraction for freediving & a thirst for yoga. I met one of my yoga mentor on this tropical island ( Cynthia Joanne Naydani) & started to teach & share the yoga in one of the best studios of this world Ocean Sound Dive + Yoga ?
Went to India a couple times to learn that everything is possible & chaos is part of balance.

After 4 years on the ?it was time to leave & fly on my own. Ariel & I flew to the JAH LAND to open our first freediving&yoga operation in #Mozambique. We were multi-tasking as always, managing a dive shop, guiding ocean safaris, leading scubies, freediving with humpbacks, dolphins, mantas & sharks ? giving yoga classes & thai massage treatments. We just made it happen & we nailed it.

This was 3 years ago. Blue_Chitta Yoga Shak Montréal came to life then.
Since then opportunities just kept coming up, somehow the stars aligned & we found a way to manifest our dreams into reality.

We opened a wonderful peaceful yoga oasis in Montreal Yoga Shak Montréal & even tho most peeps told us it wouldn’t work with our nomad lifestyle its now 3y, still running & shinning & spreading so much love and good vibes in the neighbourhood. Big thx to our kickass omies, yoga teachers & Shak’s community. ???

Lately Blue_Chitta has taken us on a roadtrip from Canada to Honduras ??, sharing yoga, freediving & thai massage with so many beautiful welcoming communities along the way.

I am still a nomad but I am no longer lost. Im exactly where I need to be. I stopped trying to make sense out of life, Im too busy riding it like a wave & having a hell of a time doing it!



What we offer ? : Blue_Chitta offers freediving & yoga training as well as retreats around the world. In those trainings, the students discover the depth of the practice of kumbhaka (breath holds) and uses it to explore the underwater world.

Freediving Trainings

  • Blending freediving, yoga and pranayama 
  • Learn to dive down on a single breath
  • Explore the reef/cenotes without all the scuba equipment
  • Learn about the different disciplines, the safety & rescue procedure 
  • Learn about various dry exercices
  • Dive deeper, longer & more relaxed    

    Intro to Freediving  1 day 2h theory + 2h water session Depth 10m-15m

    Learn about the different disciplines of the sport, how to break the surface efficiently, adopt a streamline body position, proper equalization technic and basic breathing pattern. 

    Freediving level 1 certification 2 days 2 x 2h theory + 2 x 2h water session Depth around 21m

    Learn about the different disciplines of the sport, how to break breath the surface, adopt a streamline body position underwater, proper equalizing technics, various breathing technics, dry exercices to increase lung capacity, chest flexibility and mind over matter will power. Learn and practice the basic safety & rescue procedures. 

    Static Apnea Clinic (Must be certified) 1/2 day 2h theory + 1h shallow water session

    Practiced at the surface, static apnea is one of the most powerful discipline, the diver will learn the appropriate breathing pattern for static apnea, practice them on dry first and then in the water. This is not about depth but about time, how long can you hold you breath ? Learn about the mammalian diving reflex, the physiology changes happening in the body and allowing us to hold our breath just like other mammals do (dolphins/whales). Most student will hold their breath for more than 3minutes, some all the way to 6min! How can you train your mind to trust and let go of what you think you know? This is 70% mental, 30% physical, mind over matter. 

    Advanced Certification 3 days 

    Day 1 : Static Apnea Clinic

    Day 2 : Exhale Diving ; learn about exhale diving and how to simulate deep diving to allow the body to acclimate to new depth.

    Day 3 : Deep Diving ; Reach new limits taking your diving skills to the next level. Max Depth : 40m.

    Master Course 4-6 weeks

    This is a personalized internship with daily water sessions, dry exercices & assisting courses. The formula is similar to the dive master training and a prerequisite for the instructor course. 

    Freediving Trip to the CENOTES of Playa & Tulum  

    Leave the Ocean and enter a whole other world freediving the cenotes of the Yucatan peninsula. Deeper, colder, no currents and a mystic scenery is awaiting you. Contact us for further information. 

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    קורסי צלילה חופשית

    .בהדרכת אריאל קדמי, 

    צולל חופשי מהבכירים בארץ

    חוויה עוצרת נשימה

    קורסים מרמת הבסיס ועד לצוללים מתקדמים.




What is unique about us ? :  We incorporate daily asana, meditation & pranayama practice for a more complete experience. We do not focus on performance or depth, but rather on the comfortability and the progressive achievement of every individual. We work with the fear, we observe the discomfort, we apply the yogic approach to the sport of freediving.


YOGA : We teach Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, Restorative, Pranayama, Meditation, Inversions, Acroyoga, Thai massage … + We offer Thai Massage Treatments




Here is a few videos you may watch to get a better idea of what this is all about…

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