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The Studio

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The Yoga Shak Montréal was born from Shakti & Shiva ( ShaktiShivacro and CMI Medical Clinics united their forces in order to offer yoga as an alternative healing technique. Our aim is to offer yoga and other healing arts to allow our community to be healthy and balanced. We believe Yoga represents a good way to reduce muscles, bones and joints pain & relief body and mind from stress and tension which are causing Dis-Ease.

When we look at Yogic philosophy, we get to recognize Shiva as the Lord of the Yogis. Shiva is the Lord of destruction and changes, he remind us that nothing is permanent. Knowing that all that has a beginning must have an end, the destructive powers of Shiva are simply allowing a space for changes to arise. Shiva is known to open the path for new opportunities to unfold. The powers of destruction are purifying, allowing us to see more clearly through reality. Shiva is goal-oriented, he is organized and powerful. Shiva represents the masculine force of the universe, the Yang, the consciousness and the scientific method.

Accepting the duality of our world, Shakti arises as the goddess of creation, bringing balance and equilibrium to the forces of Shiva. From Shakti arises the power of manifestation, the energy allowing an idea to become reality. Shakti is energy. Her energy has no physical form; we can’t measure it nor observe it in the microscope. Shakti is expansion; she is limitless, creative and fluid. Shakti represents the Feminine flow in the universe, the Yin, the Unconscious and the Artist.

In order to thrive, the powers of Shiva and Shakti have to be balanced. Since everything is the universe is known to be spinning, everything has to be polarized. From the quantum level, to the human being and in the entire cosmos, the balances of those 2 forces are primordial.

The Yoga Shak somehow represents the powers of Shakti coming to polarize the great powers of the traditional medicine. If you think about it, both Medical Clinics and Yoga Studios are aiming for the same: to bring and maintain people on a state of Ease and well-being.

Our “Fast Forward” societies are known to have a Masculine imbalance, and even though the Masculine powers are necessary, it seems interesting to bring back the powers of Shakti in our everyday life.

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